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School Webmasters Blog

Don’t Bench Your School-level Websites 08/23/2016

When it comes to school websites, many schools don’t recognize their most valuable players and often don’t even put them in the game. Typically, all the focus is on the main office or district website. If you aren’t using your school-level websites as strategic communications tools, it is like only playing your second string all season.

Is YOUR School’s Website ADA Compliant? It better be! 08/10/2016

If you haven’t received a letter or notification yet that your school’s website needs to be ADA compliant, consider yourself warned. Your school needs to get its website in order or face the consequences.

Public Relations for Schools 07/27/2016

As you practice school public relations, you’ll improve your school brand, connect with your community, and boost your marketing efforts. Consistent, strategic messaging with the end goal of creating and nurturing relationships with your publics is key to your school's success.

Do You Make This Mistake With YOUR School’s Website? 07/13/2016

Managing your school website can be challenging. It isn’t enough to keep it current, informative, friendly, and positive. Handling your school website management incorrectly can land you with some expensive copyright infringement problems. Find out how to have a beautiful school website and out of image copyright trouble.

Whipping Your School Website into Shape 06/20/2016

It's summer and if you're like most educators, you're enjoying the quiet hallways, catching up on piles of paperwork, and working on your summer maintenance projects. While your school is getting whipped into shape with new coats of paint and clean carpets, don't forget that your website needs some summer TLC as well.

It’s Not Over Yet 06/06/2016

You’ve worked hard all year long to build up a strong relationship with school families; if you want that relationship to remain strong, you have to nurture it.

Is Your School’s Communication Becoming Irrelevant? 05/24/2016

Your school’s students, parents, staff, and prospects are already using social media to stay involved. So choose your platform, set up your pages, and get involved!

Simple Rules of Word-of-Mouth Marketing 05/09/2016

By understanding the reasons people talk and following these four simple rules to influence word-of-mouth marketing, you are well on your way to being the hot topic of conversation in your community.

The 3 Simple Principles Behind Keeping Your School’s Website Current 04/25/2016

Learn how your school’s website can serve your audience needs while cultivating a positive school reputation using these principles.

Marketing is Not a Dirty Word 04/11/2016

“You don’t need to brag; when you do a good job, people will notice.” 

Dear readers, this is a lie!